Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farewell to an old friend…

I know, I know… I’m overdue for this months update. Pray forgive me and lend me your ear while I give voice to my thoughts.
As many if not most of you know, I spent a week in the hospital after having my spleen removed. It served me well for 39-1/2 years, give or take, but in the end it just had to go. Seems that it was hoarding a good amount of the blood that was being transfused into me, that’s just not nice! So, the surgeons were notified, meetings were attended, and on October 7, 2010 I “birthed” a 15 pound 12” (give or take) spleen. In a healthy adult male it should be about the size of a fist and weigh less than half a pound. As a result of this operation I can now breathe deeply, albeit with a bit of pain with those really deep breaths, and I can EAT again! I am still convalescing at home but my progress has thus far amazed the doctors. Given another 4-6 weeks and I am hopeful that I can be in the gym with a trainer and finally shed these last few pounds. In the interim however I’ll happily “walk it off” with the dogs.
Also of note, Dr. Martin remarked that I could (hopefully) look forward to another 15 years… a full three times the expectancy given me on initial diagnosis. Praise GOD!!! I’ll take it. All this also means that we can postpone the transplant for a while. In some ways it’s like Christmas early.
With all that has transpired over the course of the past few weeks my spirits have soared and my thoughts look to the long term future for the first time in a very long time. I have even thought about what I might do work-wise and my thoughts have led me to research what classes I would need to take to become an architect. I think I’d rather drive a desk than swing a hammer or carry cabinets. Perhaps this will even rekindle my love of woodworkinig as I could do it for myself and not for someone else.
I’d really like to add something deeply meaningful and inspirational, maybe even thought provoking, but I honestly just don’t have it in me. There have been fleeting thoughts of things to write about but I think the narcotic pain killers fried my brain just a bit. Maybe next month. Till then, y’all stay healthy and behave.