Thursday, November 20, 2014

Autumnal update?

Greetings all, 

     I know it has been some time since my last update but for a long time there wasn’t much to report. There was a lot of emotional roller coaster up/downs but once again the counselors have been summoned. There is some news to report though as I have transitioned away from my hematologist, Dr. Martin, to another hematologist at the VA. This is good news for the most part, though I must admit that it was a rather emotional transition. Dr. Martin has been there through all but the worst of it, constantly in communication, always asking about the kids, the dogs, enquiring about our latest dietary changes… In short, she has become family, so I’m sure it’s not difficult to understand why transitioning to a new doctor was difficult. That said, she personally picked the new hematologist I would be seeing and is still keeping an eye on my “case” and if he (my new doctor) has any questions he will contact Dr. Martin directly. I mentioned it was good news, mainly because it means that I no longer require such frequent monitoring, and after careful thought I realized that this also frees up some of her time for those patients who need more vigilant attention. Dr. Martin also made it possible for me to go to Stanford University Hospital to see a GVHD specialist in their BMT ward. In addition to working at the VA, Dr. Martin also works at Stanford as well as teaches there. (Honestly, I’d love to have half that woman’s energy!) So, in summary my condition continues to improve while the number of doctors I’m seeing continues to grow. What a long, strange trip it’s been…

     In other news, work continues at a snail's pace out in the woodshop, but the better I feel emotionally/mentally the more apt I am to get out there. Ironically, it’s now getting colder, so insulating the place and figuring out an economical way to heat it will be at the top of the project list. In the mean time, I have been scouring the interwebs and magazines, perusing antique stores and craft sales and taking copious notes on all the things I can make to try to sell. Any little bit of income would be a blessing. I’ve also started filming my builds and will be editing them for uploading to YouTube. I have found there are a number of people who do this to either supplement their income or it IS their income. Again, more note taking and practice. I don’t think the first one produced will be very pretty but I sure learned a lot in making it. Stay tuned, I’ll post another update when it goes “live”! Please be sure to tell all your friends, and do that “thumbs up” thing if you think the video is good. (You can be honest, I know the first one will suck) You can also subscribe to the channel I’ll create and you’ll be notified via email of new videos. 

     Work also continues on the boys' pickup as well. With the help of Papa Frank they have the front bumper straightened out enough to reinstall it, while work on the much worse rear bumper continues. There have been a few mechanical issues to work through and hopefully we are done with them, but if not, we will face them head on. In addition to getting the rear bumper sorted there are some rather pesky wiring issues to muddle through (aren’t there ALWAYS wiring issues with old cars?). The seat needs to be reupholstered and we need to do a bit of body work and install a new reverse light and then it should be roadworthy. I’ve been compiling photos and will likely post a separate update on that at a later time, hopefully when it’s done and ready to get back on the road.

     No other news to report as of today. Stay warm as Old Man Winter encroaches and if you’re one of the (un)lucky few who has to shovel snow remember not to let yourself work so hard that you sweat. Let’s all stay healthy out there in the Winter Wonderland this year.

     May you all have a blessed and healthy Thanksgiving and do try not to eat too much… (save some pie for me, eh?)

     Peace, T. 


  1. Great post. Look forward to seeing your videos.

  2. Another enjoyable read cousin, Thank you.