Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just wondering...

So this afternoon the kids and I were watching TV and Extreme Makeover Home Edition came on. The recipient family had lost their husband/father (6 children) to mold that he came into contact with while renovating their new (to them) house. As we watched the show, I sat there in absolute tears. I have never been afraid to show the kids my "soft" side, I think it does them good to see a man cry now and again. But this time was different. As I was crying, I could feel Connor and Molly's eyes on me, watching my reaction to the show. I am pretty sure that Connor knows what is going on with my... situation, but as for Molly, I really have no clue. I began to wonder what was going on in their little minds. Did they understand, I mean truly understand what was happening with the family on TV? Did they then correlate that with what is happening to me? Could they possibly comprehend a time when I would not be there for them? I can't even begin to think of how to talk to them about it... I certainly don't want to upset them, but they need to know, don't they?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... I am totally at a loss here.

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