Friday, January 23, 2009

My one piece of happy.

So I read this post on this blog ( the other day and I so wanted to give it a try, I wanted to find my piece of happy...

Last weekend was pretty crappy as far as my energy level is concerned and I was due for some blood. I got it on Tuesday and on Wednesday, I started a workout program with the wife. I was so sore and tired afterward but mentally committed to keep on keepin on. Thursday we exercised again and after that I went to my dads to work on the house some more. I was so sore and tired that not much got done but it was the kind of day where we were happy to just sit and talk. The kind of talk we don't do often enough and always end up crying at some point but feeling so much better. As I was getting ready to leave, he spotted a doe and her two fawns in the field behind his house. I tried to sneak to the van to get the camera out but alas, I was heard/spotted/sniffed out. They bolted...

Now I thought that the day was a total loss as I walked around the barn to try to spy just a glimpse of them. Then it hit me! One of the most beautiful sunsets in recent memory. And I snapped these:

Disclaimer: It looked much more beautiful in person and I am NOT by any stretch a professional.

While I was trying to get the best angle for these, and several others, I became totally caught up in the moment. Here I was, out in the country, in nature, enjoying one of Mother Earth's wondrous beauties. I had found a piece of happy! And did I ever immerse myself in it. I was no longer tired, the melancholy had slipped from my shoulders and I was, at that moment, at peace... Full of renewed vigor as I walked about the farm, trying to capture the moment. It was freezing cold all around me, but I didn't feel old man winters chill.

I once was lost, but now I'm found... Thank you.

Blessed be.

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